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'Retrieved from the Deluge

Retrieved from the Deluge

About film

Why is the kings’ of Poland coronation sword lying in garret of Swedish castle? Why first print of great Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus is on library bookcase in Uppsala? 

The XVII century is called a Golden Age in Sweden as the country became rich and mighty. Sweden led successfully “Northern War” with Denmark and Norway and “Thirty Years War” devastating Germany and the Flanders and the Netherlands. The war with Poland is called ‘Deluge’ and resulted in demolishing the country.

Soldiers of Charles X Gustav Vasa robbed everything, especially the works of art. Parts of architecture from Warsaw residences, even floor tiles, have been put on barges that went across the Baltic Sea to be used for Swedish palaces and churches. Some of boats were overloaded and sunk nearby Warsaw. Memory of stolen treasures had become an urban legend. 

The film ‘River of Treasures’ is telling the story of the sculptures lying 350 years at the bottom of Vistula river. The three-years long expedition organized by University of Warsaw which following historical sources found localization of one of sunken barges. Scientists team, which members were both directors Marcin Jamkowski and Konstanty Kulik, pull out hundreds of valuable architectonic elements. Discovered treasures are the only art objects saved of 17th-century Warsaw. The special permanent museum exposition is being prepared for them.

The ‘River of Treasures’ is creative documentary about adventure journey in the past and facing the myth of sunken treasures. By means of 2D animation and re-enactment, contemporary shots and interviews we dive into the history behind the found stones. They have a lot to tell.

Film provokes open discussion about the ownership of the art objects of the common past of Europe. Authors do not lay claims to anyone but concentrate on finding solution for consolidated sharing of cultural goods beyond borders and historical conflicts as part of cultural heritage of united Europe.


Title River of Treasures (Uratowane z Potopu)
Running time 72'
Genre creative science doc
Completion 2018